About Us

Cornerstone High School Academic Mission (Grades 9-12)

“The mission of the Cornerstone Charter School is to provide meaningful and responsive educational programs and environments to address our community’s interest while preparing for and nurturing high academic achievement with our students. Cornerstone’s goals and aims for our students include cultivating character, self-direction, academic achievement, and critical thinking. The Cornerstone Charter School will offer grades 9-12 high school students an alternative environment to pursue a credit recovery program and dramatically progress towards graduation in a highly concentrated, efficient manner. We will serve a population of at-risk students (which includes but is not limited to students that are identified as dropouts, have a history of behavioral issues, adjudicated youth, students that are more than one year behind in academic credits or grade level performance, and students that are pregnant or parenting) that can be over age and underserved and give them an alternative opportunity to achieve a high school diploma.”

School/Academic Goals

To provide students with a solid base of knowledge and skills as measured by scope and sequence of comprehensive program of instruction and achievement. Encourage students to apply communication, critical thinking and analysis skills to problem solving and decision making, i.e., cognitive opportunities as measured by achievement on relevant inquiry-based performance assessment activities. The curriculum instructional resources and methodology is continuously reviewed and updated by our faculty to meet the needs of student learners. Special attention is given to math and English skills by placement testing and foundational remediation.