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Embark on a transformative educational journey for your child—unlock their full potential by enrolling in our high school today; together, let’s shape a future of academic excellence, personal growth, and lifelong success. Don’t miss this opportunity—secure your child’s place in a nurturing and empowering learning environment now!

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Get to know the heart and soul of Cornerstone High School by meeting our dedicated faculty and staff. Our team is committed to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment for every student. With a wealth of experience and a passion for education, our educators bring expertise, creativity, and a genuine commitment to each student’s success.

At Cornerstone High School, we believe in the power of a collaborative and caring team, and we invite you to meet the individuals who make a difference in the lives of our students every day.

School Year Calendar

Stay organized and informed throughout the academic year with our student calendar, featuring key dates, exams, and exciting events to help you plan and make the most of your educational journey